Image by Branden Harvey

Rissanen, J., Fedotov, A., Noronen, T., Gumenyuk, R., Chamorovskiy, Y., Kolosovskii, A., Voloshin, V., Vorobev, I., Odnoblyudov, M. & Filippov, M.

We demonstrated, for the first time to our best knowledge, an active tapered double clad fiber with circular birefringence and 35 μm core diameter. The output radiation had perfect beam quality (M2=1.18/1.1) and linearly polarized light with 15 dB of PER. The developed double clad active fiber was investigated for amplification of picosecond pulses in allfiber MOPA system. The MOPA system delivered 50 ps pulses with 55 W of the average power revealed 34.4 dB gain of the booster amplifier.

The PULSE Consortium

We have produced a PULSE project flyer that provides an overview of the project, as well as it's aims, objectives and targets. Not only will this flyer be distributed at relevant conferences, demonstrations and trade fairs, but it is also available to download using the link below.

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